Why should I trust a random site on the internet with my tracking information?

We understand that you may have reservations about putting your information on the internet, but the good news is that you don’t need to worry! SIGMATRACE safegaurds your information using the same SSL security that banks use. Also, we aren’t just some site on the internet. Go ahead, look into us! We have an excellent track record of keeping our clients’ confidential information, well, confidential.

Will SIGMATRACE work with my LIMS?

Of course! SIGMATRACE is designed to be a helpful assistant for your lab management system. Because SIGMATRACE stands alone as its own application and is housed completely online, there is no need for integration, either. Simply track using SIGMATRACE and manage using your current system.

Can SIGMATRACE handle multiple items with the same ID number?

We sure can! Simply check the “Inventory Tracking” option to allow multiple scans with the same identifier. Without this option turned on, our system will help protect you from duplicate scans.

Do we need just one account for the lab, or should we have separate accounts for each user?

Great question! We recommend that everyone have their own account. Having multiple accounts will allow you to take full advantage of SIGMATRACE’s security and audit trail features.

What does SIGMATRACE cost?

Our pricing structure is based primarily on your organization’s needs. We look at your organization size, your projected use of SIGMATRACE, how many individual user accounts you will require, and a few other factors in order to determine pricing. Contact us today for your demo and price quote.

Do I need to enter all of my racks during set up?

Nope! In fact, you only need to enter the variables for each of the different racks and storage container options you have on hand and want to make available to be tracked by SIGMATRACE. Of course, once your set-up is complete, we do recommend that you go ahead and take advantage of your new tool by entering all of the racks and other containers that you currently have in use.

Is there a limit to how long SIGMATRACE will track an item for?

No! SIGMATRACE will keep all of your entries in your system until you manually remove them. This way, you can feel confident storing units for long periods of time, and still be able to easily locate particular units when you are ready.